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Venom Power Trail Hunter R/T Tires

Rugged-Terrain Passenger Light Truck/SUV tire. A Hybrid Design Combining the Extreme Off-Road Traction of a Mud-Terrain tire with the On-Road Traction and Comfort of an All-Terrain tire.


  • Aggressive dual sidewall design
  • Optimized void-to-lug ratio for extreme off-road conditions
  • Deep tread depth
  • Deep edge block siping along both shoulders
  • More uniform squared shoulder blocks
  • Advanced tread pattern and pitch variation
  • Mud and stone ejectors in between shoulder lug blocks
  • 50,000 Mile Tread Life Warranty (22-inch and smaller sizes, and 13.5-inch wide or less)


  • Not only delivers added off-road traction and sidewall armor but provides aesthetic options for driving enthusiasts
  • Provides unparalleled traction in mud, snow, sand, and rocky terrain
  • For enhanced off-road capability, hydroplaning resistance, and longer tread life
  • Improves handling stability, grip, and braking in winter and wet surfaces
  • For increased contact patch for enhanced traction on- and off-road
  • Tames road noise for a smoother, more comfortable highway ride
  • Help shed mud and prevent stone drilling

Venom Power

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